Shhhh don’t tell the kids!

These 9 summer activities will also teach them educational skills!

They’ll be having too much fun to realize they’re keeping up on their math skills, or beefing up on science.

In an earlier Famigo boredom list I shared creative ideas to keep the kids entertained in 30 minute bites. The same applies here. Short bursts of events will keep them begging for more everyday.

  • 9 Summer Educational Activity Ideas

(They’ll  never know!)

Computer Time: Make a giant list of acceptable online computer games and websites that have educational themes. Hand them a timer and let them play for 30 minutes at a pop.

There’s an app for that!: Host a tournament of education friendly smartphone games! Use a timer and multiple phones/tablets to keep score and offer fun summer treats as rewards. Example games perfect for kids:  ThinkFun’s Solitaire Chess, Slice It!, and Memory Trainer.

Kitchen Time: Cooking is a great educational activity (supervised for young kids), help them find a new recipe they want to try, they make the grocery list, and you sit back and enjoy their concoction. Another idea is to hand over the meal planning for a week.  Give them your recipe books or sit them down in front of your favorite online Foodie site and see what meal ideas they come up with for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and don’t forget snacks! Then show them the pantry and have them create a list of any ingredients not on the shelves. I’m really liking the phone app: Out Of Milk, for grocery lists.

Take ‘Em Shopping!: Don’t tell them this will help with math skills – hand over the shopping list and let the kids head off in different directions, give them instructions: they must find the cheapest brand of all the items given, including sales and multipacks. Great math skills! When you get home, calculate how much they saved in generics/sales/multi discounts and let them spend it on something fun for them. Using your smartphone’s calculator app is perfect for this task!

Vacation Geography : When preparing for the summer family road trip, get all your kids involved. From mapping out the best directions to the destination to locating fun family friendly events when you get there. Use an app like Goby which is available both online and on Android.

DIY: Make your own chalk (you have most of these ingredients in your pantry!). Make your own bath bubbles (tip, buy the cheapest shampoo and don’t stress about using up the whole batch!). Make your own lipgloss (ingredients: petroleum jelly and fruit drink mix!). Make your own goop (cornstarch and water and stand back!) Invent ideas for more DIY projects. Get the kids creative juices flowing and see what they come up with!

Science Fun: One of my favorite sites to find fabulous science projects is the Steve Spangler Science website. Inexpensive ideas (many are free) and terrific summer science kits with instructions and explanations of the science behind the fun!

Library Outings: Every library has a summer reading program. Complete with awards, prizes and a summer theme. Check out your local library and see what events they have planned this summer. Then take it one step further. Make the summer reading a FAMILY competition.

  • Who can read the most pages?
  • Who can read the most books?
  • Host a story time once a week and share what everyone is reading, or better yet act it out!
  • The winner ‘gets’ to take the whole family out to dinner at the end of the summer to their favorite restaurant.

Star Gazing: Spend quality time in the backyard at night. Pop popcorn, get out the sleeping bags and pull out my new favorite app of all time: Google Sky Map! It’s amazingly simple and entertaining!

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In a former life Carissa Rogers was a molecular biologist. In her current life she is the chief researcher of blogging karma, parenting dos (and some don’ts) and for spice she pretends to be a photographer…a mom of all trades. Carissa is passionate about technology for kids and she is a Famigo Parent Advisor and monthly blog contributor. You’ll catch her writing all her goodncrazy thoughts on her blog: She has three good kids and one crazy husband. Connect with her on Twitter: @CarissaRogers

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6 Responses to Summer Activities | Educational Boredom Busters

  1. Julie says:

    love these suggestions. Can’t wait to try them out.

    • Carissa says:

      here are a couple more.. yesterday on the solstice we made ‘sunshine’ cookies and then as a family we all went to watch the sun set. We calculated how many hours the longest day was as well!

      And we just set up the tent in the backyard… what kind of learning experiences can we have doing pretend camping?? Um.. still working on that, but it’s FUN! :)

  2. Susan says:

    Carissa – Love these ideas. I always time my kids on the computer even if they are playing educational games. I’m going to check out the apps and try making our own lipgloss.

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