Android Market Reaches 10 Billion Downloads, Gives Away Apps for Ten Cents

10 Billion Android App Downloads Sale 10 Day

Image courtesy of the Official Google Blog

If you’re looking for super low priced, super high quality apps, you’re in luck.

Google recently announced that it has officially reached 10 billion app downloads.

10 billion.

Talk about a crazy high number, and they’re projecting an accelerated growth of 1 billion Android apps per month. Go, Google, go!

Why This is Awesome, Beyond the Numbers

Good news for Google means good news for you too.

In order to celebrate their 10 billionth download, they’re pricing some of the top selling Android apps at $0.10, a huge reduction in their usual prices (and really almost free, a dime is super cheap).

Every day for ten days, they’ll be pricing ten different apps at ten cents apiece each day. That’s a lot of tens. In a good way.

9 of Today’s Ten $0.10 Android Apps 

1. Tetris by EA Inc.

2. Blue Skies Donation Wallpaper by Kittehface Software

3. Homerun Battle 3D by Com2Us

4. Reckless Getaway by Polarbit

5. Talking Tom Cat 2 by Outfit 7

6. Kids Learn to Read (Preschool) by Intellijoy

7. Space Physics by Camel Games

8. Toki Tori by Poarbit

9. Can Knockdown 2 by Infinite Dreams

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