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If you step out of the house for just a little bit, I can almost guarantee you will see at least one kiddo with his or her head buried in some sort of e-device. Some of those little guys have become so reliant on video games they can’t seem to put them down.

My younger sister will agree with that because she is a (self-proclaimed) full-time babysitter. She knows a ton of kids who always have an e-device like an Android smartphone (hopefully with their Famigo Sandbox) loaded with apps, or Nintendo DS in their hands.

While I don’t have any scientific proof, my gut tells me that kids like that could benefit from hands-on toys like Legos and K’nex. With a little help from Google, I am sure a study or two (like this one!) supporting that instinct could be found easily.

If you think the way I do, there is good news from a ToyNews article

“Data from youth research agency Dubit shows that a huge 97 per cent of children have played with construction toys.”

That is a pretty astounding statistic. Even today, with so many different toys to pick from, only 3 out of 100 kids has not chosen Legos, or something similar, to play with at least once.

Being raised on Legos, K’nex and Technic, it is quite incredible to see that when they aren’t hanging out in their electronic Sandbox, so many youngsters still find joy in simple toys like my friends and I did.

Even more incredible though is that while they have a timeless product, the Lego brand is keeping up with the times. They have Android apps like LEGO® App4+ and LEGO® Creationary. Not to mention they still have awesome, kid-friendly events like the Lego Kidsfest, which is coming to Austin soon!

There are a bunch individual Lego innovators that are keeping the brand alive as well. For example, user GLHTurbo on has submitted a Bugdroid project that he hopes to see come to life, let’s help him out!

And if that custom lego build wasn’t already impressive enough, check out this awesome video really pushing the limits of Android and Legos…

I think I speak for all of us at Famigo when I say that although we love our Sandbox and what it does for families, it will always be good to see kids playing with old fashion toys that don’t require anything more than a creative mind.

Raised in Austin, TX  since age three, John has always bled orange and is set to graduate from The University of Texas this December with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He helps out the Famigo Team with the Android Sandbox App and anything else that comes his way. While not looking busy at the office, he loves water sports and hanging out with family and friends.

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