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Since new and improved smartphones are always being released, it is pretty likely you have at least one old (yet still perfectly functional) mobile device laying around. An old device sitting around collecting dust is of no use to anyone. It’s time to put that puppy to work, but how…

I dare you to google, “What to do with old devices.”

The number of different results is astounding. Every site from, to, to has their own opinion on the best way to use old devices.

Selling it can be a pain. Listing it somewhere isn’t too hard, but having to communicate with a bunch of different people and set up a meeting time can become troublesome.

Trading it in a store is frustrating. You paid $400, used it for a year without scratching it, and they want to give you how much? $50! That’s crazy.

In my mind, there are really only two things to do with an old device. Donate it or keep it in the family by handing it down to the kiddos.

I remember how much I loved my Gameboy (my first one didn’t even have a color screen), so I can only imagine how happy a kid would be to have his very own Android phone with some safe kid games.

The trouble is that the Gameboy was a self contained device with no access to adult material; an old android device is little less locked down.

Famigo is proud to help parents safely hand down their devices!

The Famigo Sandbox will turn your old device into a modern day Gameboy. Just like the old Nintendo device, your old android will not contain any ads, in-app purchases, or any other content unfit for kids.

Don’t worry though, the Sandbox lets you keep your colorful screen and multi touch features that we have come to love.


Raised in Austin, TX  since age three, John has always bled orange and is set to graduate from The University of Texas this December with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He helps out the Famigo Team with the Android Sandbox App and anything else that comes his way. While not looking busy at the office, he loves water sports and hanging out with family and friends.



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  1. Troy says:

    Great idea! We have tons of old device here in our place and I don’t know what to do them.

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