Welcome to this week’s rendition of Top 5 Pins of the Week, where I tell you what my favorite Pinterest pins of the past week. Here are some cool recipes, technology trends, camping tips and educational activities, all packed with family fun. Enjoy!

1. Fun in the Sun! Summertime Recipes and Projects

5c14b11a51bc790900a0eccd83a5e5a8This pin from 52 Mantels and a Whole Lot of Projects has enough recipe, craft and project ideas to keep you occupied all summer long. Recipes include no-bake ice cream pizza, raspberry and blueberry crisp, tropical frozen yogurt and honeydew mellon jello, among others. Interspersed with the recipes are great craft ideas such as acrylic paint sun prints, quilts, a beverage stand and sponge balls for an awesome summer water fight!




2. Major Ed-Tech Trends for 2013


This pin from Onlinecolleges.net provides a look into trends in education technology. The infographic contains stats such as the fact that 100% of universities surveyed had a Facebook account and that several universities, including Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University offer free courseware. The graphic even includes a section on 3D printing and discusses the role of 3D printing in education, stating that some 3D companies are developing 3D student curricula. Technology is rapidly advancing the world of education,and this pin provides an interesting peek into the direction that education technology is headed.


3. 14 Fun Recipes to to Make with your Kids this Summer

5c7535d1fb3499c9975a92dea40c7e71Now that summer has officially begun, it’s the perfect time to break out the mixing bowl and whisk and get to making some great recipes with your kids that are fun for the whole family. This pin from Love Grows Wild has 14 fun summer recipes, so you’re bound to find some great ideas. Recipes include M&M and pretzel cookies, strawberry ice cream, cinnamon sugar pretzel knots, hummus turkey wraps, banana split cupcakes and more! The pictures alone are enough to make us want to try our hand at making these yummy creations.



4. Complete Family Camping Guide

dc7577b082775e5c26538589550d3d3dThis pin is the most complete guide to camping I’ve ever seen! Complete Family Camping Guide.com provides tips for every aspect of camping imaginable. Whether you are camping with your family for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran of family camping, you are sure to find tips to make the camping experience more enjoyable. The Complete Family Camping Guide covers campfires, first aid, camping food, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, camping games, safety and more. It’s everything you need to have a blast camping with your young’uns this summer season!



5. Secret Code for Kids (Math Activity)

f82d5c3120d41ead96350a174fe04333It may be summer, but you can still keep the learning going with fun math activities like this one, pinned from No Time for Flash Cards. The idea behind this math game is to get your child to decipher a top secret message by solving math equations. Assign each letter in the alphabet to a number (You can do punctuation too!) and then write out spaces for each letter of the secret message with an equation that the child can solve and then find the corresponding letter. This is an awesome way to get kids to practice math, have fun and gain a sense of accomplishment. You may also gain bonus points if the secret code is directions to any of the yummies from pin of the week #3.



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